To Ilia,

Thank you for being so good at your role,

For making me look into my mind and soul.

For challenging my thoughts and ideals too

You made me discover what I need to do.

I have taken some action and made up my mind

And accept that I don’t want to be left behind

To give myself time to breathe and accept who I am to be

To acknowledge that I can make decisions good for me.

I am not sure I can express what a blessing you have been

But I hope that I will be better than the first version of me you had seen.

I have been through the darkness, and into despair

And felt like I was being dragged along by my hair.

I now feel the lightness that pops up in my mind

And accept that forgiveness is only mine to find

So here is my thank you for all that you have done

And just to acknowledge that you have been my Number ONE

Client – July 2020

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