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Shift from Self-Doubt to Self-Trust

I help people in their early and mid adulthood heal their relationship with food and their body. Whether they are recovering from an eating disorder or have been diagnosed with a condition that changed the way they feel inside their body, my clients struggle as you do.

Despite being determined to create a meaningful and fulfilling life for themselves, having a body always seems to get in the way. They are misjudging themselves, and life constantly feels like too much work. When they first come in, they are disappointed by who they see when they look in the mirror. When they look at themselves, they feel hopeless and frustrated.

Like my clients, you deserve to reconcile your relationship with your body. To feel whole and able to focus on what really matters in life, your loved ones, your passions, and your future goals. You deserve to feel purposeful and develop a trusting relationship with yourself.

In both my practices in Kilburn NW6 and Harley Street London, I would be glad to accompany you in an exploration of what it means to be “you” and facilitate you to create a future that is filled with meaning and more clarity when it comes to how you feel, what you want, and who you are.

Elia Galouzidi The Shifting Self

“Everything has been figured out,
except how to live”

Jean-Paul Sartre


“Stepping into myself”

Therapy will focus on your own unique and personal experience of the ongoing issue

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“Meeting myself anew”

My extended knowledge in Neuroscience and experience in working therapeutically with neurological conditions, allow me to have a clear understanding and deep appreciation for somatic experiences (movement limitations, pain, numbness etc.).

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