“Stepping into myself” Sessions

Claim your body back

Clients I work with often ask themselves “Why can’t I just be more disciplined?” “More confident”, “Less worried”. Before they came to see me, they would go in and out of different diets and workout plans to feel confident and content in their own skin. They felt horrible after eating their favourite dessert and made plans on how to be “better” next day. Their whole day seemed to revolve around their meals and how clothes fit. They worried it’d be beyond mortifying to look a stranger in the eye and honestly share what has been going on. And they were pretty certain they were never going to like their bodies again. Like, ever. The shame was eating them alive.

In our sessions, my clients come closer and closer to realising that it all comes down to what kind of relationship they have with their own selves. If it is a hostile, bitter one, it will limit them. Once they start transforming that relationship to a more compassionate, loving one, they figure out that what really matters is to live life on their own terms. To expand and express themselves in their own unique way. Now, food does not hold power over them, it is there to fill them with energy and satisfaction rather than shame and guilt. Their bodies are for taking them to places and experiencing life at its fullest, not to fit in a tiny pair of jeans.

You don’t deserve to deny yourself that deeper understanding of what it means to be “You”. This will be the main focus of our sessions; then, naturally, you will be able to identify what you want to be, what choices you need to make, and how to show up for yourself and others.  


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