About Me

Hi there,

My name is Ilia. Although I am someone who wants to seize the day, I don’t think I’d survive without my alarm clock. I value new experiences and I am proud for the traveling I have been able to do till today. I don’t always keep myself together, but I usually know how to get back on track. I am quite an opinionated person that learned from early on how to not be “too opinionated” or “too much” and then, through my own therapy, relearned how to embrace the “too much-ness” of me and be myself.

I work with people who have quieted themselves to make others comfortable or transformed their shapes to “fit” in socially acceptable standards. I also work with people who may feel alienated in their own bodies as they go through physical health conditions. Having had my own struggles with body image concerns, problematic eating habits, and chronic pain, I learned that the most important part of healing was having someone to talk to who knew what I was feeling without judgment. I’m not here to tell you how you should feel or be. I know how unhelpful that is. But I understand the parts you can’t put into words, the hard things, the guilt, or even the relief you might be feeling.

Therapy for me is a journey to self-knowledge, acceptance, and choice that we can all embark on. I genuinely believe that no human being needs “fixing” as there is nothing broken about them.