“Meeting myself anew” Sessions

It is still You.

In these sessions, I help people who have received a diagnosis such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS), or have survived a Stroke. Such diagnoses and life incidents carry a significant burden to my clients, their families, and carers. They come to me emotionally exhausted from their recovery journey or from living in a body that they do not recognise anymore. The physical changes affect everything from their day-to-day life to how they see themselves in the future.

You are not alone. What you go through is maybe one of the most challenging human experiences. Don’t isolate yourself and let me help you.

In our sessions, my clients have the space and time to process their pain and their loss. To redefine what it means to be themselves, to open themselves to new possibilities and to new meaning. To meet their bodies anew.

It is not easy to trust or accept a body that has been unpredictable and limiting. I personally get that. However, my clients have found their way to feel safe in themselves again, bridge the gap between their old self and the new one, and create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

There is a way for you too, and I can accompany you in this journey. I will never tell you how to feel or what you should hope for. But I will make room for the hardship to be expressed and for the parts you can’t put into words to be heard.