My approach

Being trained on the Existential approach in Psychotherapy, I support the ability of people to choose who they want to be, to be authentic and find the meaning they are looking for in their lives. In addition, my understanding of the human brain allows me to promote the uniqueness and potential of human nature.  My work is based on the creation of a safe space for clients to share their experiences and explore their emotions, values and beliefs that shape their world and psyche.

Since I practice in a humanistic-centered way, I believe that at the heart of everything is the encounter between two people. You may seek therapy to talk about a pressing issue or may want to speak for more general reasons such as feeling sad or finding social interactions challenging. There are many reasons for therapy and most often they cannot be reduced to a single subject.

From my experience, I have come to understand that the issues which initially bring a client to counselling (e.g. depression, anxiety, emotional trauma) may reveal other underlying challenges during the course of therapy. Therefore I aim to be flexible and adaptable in my approach, working collaboratively with each client to find a unique and suitable way to make therapeutic progress.

My clients have found that discussing topics such as self-identity within a nonjudgmental space, allowed them to discover their assumptions, their underlying beliefs, and values about how their identity is being inherited and developed throughout their lives. Diving deep into our internal world and observing how past and current experiences shape who we are at the moment can facilitate self-compassion and self-growth.